Modernizing your tax practice starts starts with the cloud

Your digital-first clients of today demand you work with them in an entirely new way. You need to securely collaborate with your customers where they want. This communication is happening everywhere but in your office. This is good news for you thanks to the Rapidly platform. Rapidly gives you a single platform to build, grow and maintain a completely virtual practice that eliminates paperwork, offers innovative pricing and payment options, and allows you to add new clients via video, chat, and all the online channels modern-day clients expect.

In Three Simple Steps


Eliminate Paperwork

Say goodbye to paperwork and run your practice with Rapidly’s secure paperless on-boarding.


Automatic Quotes

Sending quotes is easy. Set your own prices and maximize revenue while keeping your customers happy.


Book New Clients

Turning leads into clients only takes a few clicks. Start earning more money right from your dashboard.

Manage your entire tax practice online!

Set your pricing upfront so your clients are clear on what the costs will be from quarter to quarter, month to month and year to year.

Trust our SSL to securely organize and collect your client’s documents, collect payments, and more!


Total revenue


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    Johnathan Smith

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    Rachel Howser

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    Ryan Samson

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Track Your Earnings

With Rapidly’s beautiful easy-to-use dashboard, tracking your earnings is easy. You will be able to track the number of leads, quotes sent, bookings accepted and completed bookings adding to your total revenue.


Sending quotes is free!