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    Solo practitioners

    ($10-50k annual revenue)


    per month


    3-10 person tax businesses

    ($100-500k annual revenue)


    per month

    Number of users



    Unlimited tracking and management of returning clients

    Unlimited onboarding of new and returning clients

    Returning client documentation and secure storage integration

    Up to 3 integrations

    Up to 8 integrations

    Price optimization tools to compare pricing with other firms & set automatic prices for your services

    Up to 10 unique pricing templates

    Up to 40 unique pricing templates

    Revenue recognition dashboard and analytics

    Access (coming soon): Automate, assign, and complete tasks for information requests and verifications with your team

    Up to 50 tasks and verifications a month

    Up to 250 tasks and verifications a month

    Chat (coming soon): On-demand text and video chat with returning clients and new clients

    Up to 100 per month

    Up to 1000 per month

    Marketplace (additional billing)

    $7.99 per quote / 10% platform fee

    $3.99 per quote / 5% platform fee