Rapidly Product Updates

September 1, 2020

September 1: Activity Feed Feature

The Rapidly platform helps tax and accounting professionals organize and manage their clients and client documents. We rolled out our Activity Feed feature designed to help professionals get organized and stay organized with client activities and communications.

📄 Activity Feed For Tax Professionals

For each booked client, professionals now have access to an Activity Feed with a summary of updates for your client and their service request. You can easily access this feature for your confirmed clients:

  • Log into your Rapidly account

  • Navigate to your Bookings tab in the left toolbar

  • In your confirmed bookings, find your selected client

  • Click View Details for your client

  • Scroll down to see all client activities in the Activity Feed

Here are some examples of Activity Feed items you'll see for each booked client.

💡 Tax Professional Pro Tip

  • Keep an eye on your email inbox, because Team Rapidly sends automated email alerts every time you are matched with a new client or your client uploads their documents.

August 1: The New Cash Out Application

With Cash Out by Rapidly, taxpayers are able to quickly and easily access a percentage of their tax refund or unemployment benefits when they need it the most. Visit our Cash Out FAQ for more information on how it works.

💸 Cash Out For Taxpayers

We recently updated the application process for a Cash Out, streamlining our questionnaire to be quicker than ever. Taxpayers can submit a Cash Out application from the Overview dashboard.

1️⃣ Select your Cash Out type

  • Taxpayers can submit their Cash Out request to access a portion of their tax refund or unemployment benefits on their time

  • With both requests, you can add a custom gratuity/tip amount when your Cash Out request is completed

2️⃣ Provide your updated Taxpayer information

  • Provide your basic taxpayer information, including date of birth, SSN, filing status, and spouse information

  • We ask for your employer or unemployment benefits information, to verify your income and provide you with the most accurate refund estimate

3️⃣ Submit your application and look out for an email from Team Rapidly!

June 16: 1040-X Amended Returns

For the first time ever, the IRS will allow e-filing of Form 1040-X later this summer. For individual taxpayers that need to change or update their Tax Year 2019 filed return, this new e-filing option will allow amendments to Form 1040.

Taxpayers can submit their amendment requests now on the Rapidly platform in preparation for this service offering.

✒️ For Taxpayers

  • The 1040-X Amended Returns service option is available for individual taxpayers, regardless if your Form 1040 was filed on the Rapidly platform

  • You have this new service request type available on your Rapidly dashboard

    • Overview -> Request A Service -> Tax Preparation - Amended Return

  • You have two payment options for 1040-X

    • Upfront preparation fees at time of service (via Stripe)

    • Delayed payment (from your tax refund funds)

💡 After e-filing an amendment for Tax Year 2019, you can view the status of your Amended Return via irs.gov.

📄 For Tax Professionals

How does this new service type help tax professionals?

  • The new electronic filing 1040-X service option is another way to differentiate your firm's comprehensive tax offerings

  • You have another service type you can offer to your new Rapidly clients

  • You can better serve your client's tax season needs virtually

  • Both you and your clients can feel confident with faster processing times for e-filing vs. mail-in

Keep an eye out for 1040-X e-file requests from your new and existing clients on the Rapidly platform!

June 5: Updates For Taxpayers

Here at Rapidly, we are working as diligently as we can to improve our Taxpayer-facing platform, so you can have your tax requests completed quicker than ever.

✒️ For Taxpayers

  • Cash Out by Rapidly Fees

    • There is no longer a $5 processing fee for Cash Out requests on the Rapidly platform

    • Now, you can add a custom gratuity/tip amount when your Cash Out request is completed

  • Taxpayer Profile

    • On your Profile dashboard, you have additional fields regarding your tax information

      • Driver's License: Number, State, Issue Date, Expiration Date

      • Dependents: First & Last Name, Date of Birth, SSN

    • Filling out these additional fields makes tax preparation quicker for you and your tax professional

💡 These key updates for Taxpayers will expedite your Cash Out and tax prep requests.

May 4: The New Rapidly

This has been Rapidly's biggest update yet, with a new and improved user interface and design scheme. You can see more about our May 4 updates.

✒️ For Taxpayers

  • Your navigation toolbar has moved to the left of the platform, with new dashboards:

    • Overview

    • Service Requests

  • On your Overview dashboard, you can create a new tax and accounting service request

    • With our Access Feature, you no longer have to upload documents, and instead you can connect the data from your payroll provider securely

  • On your Service Requests dashboard, you can see the status of your past requests, plus view quotes from tax professionals

📩 Taxpayer and Business Request Options

Request Types for Taxpayers:

  • Tax Refund Cash Out

  • Unemployment Cash Out

  • Tax Preparation

  • Other Requests 

Request Types for Businesses:

  • Bookkeeping

  • Tax Planning

  • Business Consulting

  • Write Up

  • Payroll

  • Financial Modeling

  • Other Requests 

💡 Taxpayer Pro Tip

You can still update your profile, billing, and preferences in the upper right corner of the Rapidly app.

📄 For Tax Professionals

  • Your navigation toolbar has moved to the left of the platform, with new dashboards:

    • Overview

    • Marketplace

    • Bookings

  • Your Overview dashboard is the bird's eye view of your day, with a summary of your confirmed clients and potential new clients

  • The Rapidly Marketplace generates leads for you and connects you with potential new clients

  • Your Bookings dashboard organizes your confirmed client bookings

    • With our Access Feature, Rapidly securely verifies your client's payroll data, saving you time at the height of tax season

💡 Tax Professional Pro Tip

There are 3 ways to change your service price before you submit a quote to a potential new client:

  • Slide the slide bar

  • Type in a number

  • Click the up and down arrows

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