How to Use Pinterest to Market Your Tax and Accounting Firm

February 3, 2021

You’ve heard that Pinterest is the place to find inspiration for recipes, home decor, and dream vacations. But, did you know that it can also be a useful tool to promote your business? Your prospective clients use the social media platform to find products and services every day, so you should meet them where they are. In this article, we’ll show you how to use Pinterest to market your tax and accounting firm.

Develop a Pinterest Marketing Strategy

Before you get started, you need to develop a Pinterest marketing strategy based on your business goals. Do you want to build awareness of your brand, drive traffic to your website, sell a specific service, etc.? Your strategic plan should guide everything you do.

Pro Tip: Research popular industry-related keywords and hashtags to make your content stand out and reach more users.

Learn the Lingo

Let’s take a minute to review some of the Pinterest-specific terms you need to know:

  • Pin: a single post to the platform

  • Rich pin: includes more information than a standard pin (great for content you create)

  • Board: a themed collection of pins that you can add to or edit

  • Group board: created for multiple users, promoting collaboration

  • Secret board: not public-facing and can be used to organize your ideas

  • Protected board: shows promoted pins (ads) but doesn’t appear on your profile

  • Re-pin: sharing an existing post (yours or someone else’s) to one of your boards

Create a Business Account

You might already use Pinterest for personal reasons, but you should create a business account for your tax and accounting firm. You can add it to your current account, convert your existing account, or start a brand new one. Here’s what you’ll need to supply to complete the setup process:

  • Details about your firm - including relevant keywords to help your profile get found

  • A link to your company website

  • A profile picture - either your logo or a professional photo of you

  • Choice of a cover photo  - either one of your boards or your latest pins

Pro Tip: Claim your website when you’re setting up your profile. You’ll get richer analytics.

Create Your First Pinterest Board

Now, let’s create your first Pinterest board. Remember, boards should be thematic, so only create one if you have multiple content ideas you could pin to it. To set it up, give it a title, add a description with keywords, choose a category, and upload a cover photo.

Sample Board Idea: How to Handle Tax Season Like a Pro

Create Your First Pins

With your board in place, you can finally post to the platform by creating your first pin. Pins should be rectangular and have a 2:3 aspect ratio. Here’s what you’ll need to include in your design:

  • A title

  • A description with keywords and hashtags

  • A link to a website you want your visitor to go to next (must be related to pin content)

  • A high-quality photo or video (include your logo, if possible)

  • Gripping, conversational copy 

Once you’re happy with the way it looks, hit the publish button and pin it to your board.

Sample Pin Idea: Top 10 Mistakes Tax Filers Make on Their Tax Return

Pro Tip: Embed relevant pins on your website for visual appeal and to increase Pinterest engagement.

Follow Pinning Best Practices 

To be successful on Pinterest, try to follow these best practices:

  • Post every day - consistency helps you reach more people

  • Put seasonal content out at least one month in advance (Tax Season starts in November on Pinterest!)

  • Promote new services before you officially offer them to build interest

  • Plan out your pins with a content calendar

  • Balance a mixture of informative (80%) and promotional (20%) content

Pro Tip: Engage with other users and their pins to grow your network. 

Try Pinterest Ads

Once you’ve got a good feel for the platform and have gained some traction, it might be time to experiment with Pinterest ads. Ads can help your pins get in front of more users. You can target certain demographics, interests, and keywords. You also can intentionally reach people who have subscribed to your emails, visited your website, interacted with your pins, and more. 

Update Your Website and Social Channels

You can help more potential tax and accounting clients find you on Pinterest by:

  • Adding the Save button to your website (allows visitors to pin directly from your site)

  • Adding the Pinterest tag to your website (shows you what visitors do after interacting with your pins)

  • Installing a follow button on your website and email newsletter

  • Linking to the platform in other social media profiles/bios

Use Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Two budget-friendly tools can make using Pinterest much easier: Canva and Tailwind. Canva is a fun and simple graphic design tool that helps you create aesthetically pleasing pins and cover art for your boards. There are free and paid versions available, but free is probably sufficient to start. 

Tailwind is a Pinterest-specific tool that helps you create, share, and schedule pins. You can also join groups to expand your reach and repin your content on a loop, making it evergreen, and saving you time. Plans start at $14.99 per month.

Review Audience Insights

For best results on the platform, you should regularly review Audience Insights. The data will show you which pins are getting the most attention - and when. That way, you can tweak your pinning strategy accordingly.

How Rapidly Can Help

Rapidly is a sophisticated and robust online platform designed to help you grow your tax and accounting business. Our customers use Rapidly to find new leads, promote their services, and serve their clients virtually. Check us out!

Final Thoughts

This social media platform can be a boon for your business. Now you know how to use Pinterest to market your tax and accounting firm. Happy pinning!

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