For Tax Professionals: Compare Your Bank Product Options

June 12, 2020

For tax preparers, your tax refund solutions are the final piece of the puzzle to allow your clients to receive their tax refunds in a satisfactory manner. A good refund bank product will merge seamlessly with your other tax preparation solutions, and ensure your clients receive their tax refunds.

The Rapidly platform offers integrations with various bank products, and we want to share that expertise to help you make the right decision for your tax preparation practice.

Key considerations for your bank products include:

Tax Refund Products

  • Refund Transfers

  • Refund Transfer Fees

  • Early Tax Refund Access

  • Early Refund Access Fees

Disbursement Methods

  • Bank Checks

  • Direct Deposit

  • Alternative Methods


  • Rapidly Integration

Keep reading for a more in-depth comparison of our top picks for bank products: 

Bank Product Tools Comparison Chart

Cash Out by Rapidly Highlights

Any tax professionals on the Rapidly platform will love that we offer refund transfers and early refund access within our platform. There is no need for further integrations or portals for you to log into. Your clients will love the affordable $5 processing fee for each Cash Out request, and that they can complete all of their tax season to-dos (including tax prep!) within the Rapidly platform.

Refund Advantage Highlights

Refund Advantage focuses its core product offerings on supporting tax preparers, so that you can offer your clients the products they need when they need it. An additional consideration is Refund Advantage’s financial offerings that can help you to grow your tax prep practice with niche business loans.

Republic Bank Highlights

Republic Bank’s suite of tax refund solutions is complemented by Republic Bank’s personal and business banking features. This is sure to help if you frequently find clients asking for personal banking recommendations. An interesting note is that Republic Bank pays tax professionals a revenue share of all refund transfer fees.

Santa Barbara Tax Group Highlights

Santa Barbara Tax Group specifically differentiates itself with a commitment to offering flexible tax refund disbursement options to taxpayers. An additional facet is SBTPG’s option just for tax preparers to receive cash flow advances or preparation fee advances that can help you have a confident start to your tax season.

With these considerations in mind, the Rapidly team hopes you will pick the best bank products for your needs, to simplify your operations and propel your tax preparation productivity.

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