For Accounting Professionals: Compare Your Accounting Software Options

July 3, 2020

For bookkeeping and accounting professionals, your accounting software is the foundational layer that supports the rest of your accounting practice. A good accounting software will feel intuitive to use, and offer functionality to help you organize your clients’ accounts payable and accounts receivable in a timely manner.

The Rapidly platform offers integrations with various accounting softwares, and we want to share our expertise to help you make the right decision for your accounting practice.

Key considerations for your accounting software include:


  • Client Base Pricing

  • Accountant Base Pricing

  • Additional Fees

Software Functionality

  • Cloud Based Software

  • Rapidly Integration

  • Mobile App or Mobile Friendly

Accounting Practice Management

  • Accountant Directory

  • Learning & Certifications

  • Project & Time Tracking

  • Client Communications

  • Send Client Invoices

  • Document Storage

  • Discounts For Clients

Accounting Features

  • Analytics & Reporting Dashboard

  • Invoicing

  • Inventory

  • Bank Integrations

  • Cash Flow Tools

  • Bill Management & Pay

  • Expensing

  • Payment Processing

  • Multi-Currency

  • Sales Tax

  • Payroll

Keep reading for a more in-depth comparison of our top picks for cloud-based accounting software: 

Accounting Software Comparison Chart

Quickbooks Highlights

Quickbooks is a true all-in-one platform for your clients’ accounting needs. Their main selling point is that there are little to no software integrations required for additional features such as payroll and payment processing, because these features can be added on to an existing Quickbooks account. Quickbooks is a favorite for small business clients due to the customizable and comprehensive breadth of features and services. Your clients are sure to be delighted with this fan favorite.

Xero Highlights

Xero offers a flexible Accountant & Bookkeeper Partner Program, which allows your client to pay for their own Xero subscription and invite you as an account user, or allows you to pay for your client’s subscription under your own account. There are also countless Xero tools for accounting professionals to manage their practice, including a listing in the Xero advisor directory, document storage with Xero Workpapers, and your very own invoicing software through Xero Practice Manager. Xero partners with Gusto, Stripe, and GoCardless to offer your clients extra accounting and business operations features.

With these considerations in mind, the Rapidly team hopes you will pick the best accounting software for your needs, to simplify your accountancy operations and propel your productivity.

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